346px-Mazinger USA version panel

Mazinger USA as he appears in Mazinger U.S.A

Created by Go Nagai for an American market. The knight influence prevalent in other Mazingers was much more noticeable in this interpretation. Its design is similar to Mazinkaiser, leading some fans to believer that Mazinkaiser's design was based off of Mazinger (USA).

Origin StoryEdit

In the far future of 220X AD, after hundreds of years in war that devastated planet Earth. The environment of the planet is so damaged that the fights have to be done wearing special combat armors. Mazinger (USA) is the strongest of them all and, when piloted by Koji Kabuto, fights for the subterranean people.


Unammed sword Mazinger (USA) always has a great sword drawn and can use it readily in combat. It can easily cut through both giant robots and lizard monsters.

Missiles Mazinger (USA) has hundreds of missiles hidden under its armor to be deployed when neccsary. The barrage took out the entire lithgor army.