Great Mazinger (グレートマジンガー, Gurēto Majingā?) is a manga comic book and anime television series by manga artist Go Nagai, made as a direct continuation of the successful Mazinger Z series. It was aired in Japan immediately following the end of the first Mazinger series. It lasted for 56 episodes.


Directors: Detsuo Imazawa Masayuki Akihi Nobuo Onuki Takeshi Tamiya Tomoharu Katsumata Yasuo Sankichi

Studio: Toei Animation

Network: Japan Fuji TV

Original run: 8 September 1974 – 28 September 1975


The story centers on Tetsuya Tsurugi (剣 鉄也, Tsurugi Tetsuya?), an orphan raised by none other than Kenzo Kabuto (兜 剣造, Kabuto Kenzō?), the once thought dead father of Mazinger Z pilot Kouji Kabuto. Kenzo Kabuto is the creator of the new, improved version of Mazinger, made by refining his father's Chogokin Z (Super Alloy Z) into a new, stronger form, designed to fight against humanity's new enemy, the Mikenese Empire, led by the Great General of Darkness and his army of Warrior Beasts. Kenzo gives the Great Mazinger to Tetsuya to pilot, who is accompanied by, Jun Hono (an orphaned half Japanese, half black girl), in her female robot Venus A. Both Great Mazinger's and Tetsuya's training are completed just in time to come to Kouji's aid as the Mycene Battle Beasts overwhelm Mazinger Z. With the original Mazinger destroyed, Kouji went to America to study space travel and left Japan's defense in the hands of Tetsuya and the Fortress of Science. Tetsuya battles the Mycene Battle Beasts and even their mighty generals for the good of all mankind.


Tetsuya Tsurugi

Jun Hono

Great General of Darkness

Minister Argos

Archduke Gorgon

Marquis Yanus

General Julicaesar

General Scarabeth

General Angoras

General Ligern

General Hadias


Great Mazinger

Venus A

Boss Borot

Mazinger Z

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