Aphrodai A as seen in Mazinger Z

Aphrodai A is a female mecha from the Mazinger Z anime and manga series, created by Go Nagai. It was the first giant robot in the genre to resemble the female anatomy.

She was named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Origin StoryEdit

The robot was created by Dr. Yumi (Dr. Kabuto's apprentice) and since it was originally built for peaceful uses at first it didn't feature any weapons; eventually it acquires the ability to fire missiles from its chest, this was called the Oppai Missile System(Oppai is a Japanese slang term for breasts). Aphrodite was the first female mecha to have this kind of weapon.


  • Height: 16 meters
  • Weight: 18 metric tons
  • Chest Circumference: 9 meters
  • Running Speed: 200 kilometers per hour
  • Jump Height: 10 meters
  • Maximum Lift: 90 metric tons
  • Energy Source: Photonic Energy (Japanese: 光子力エネルギー Koushiryoku Energy)
  • Construction: Super Alloy Z (Japanese: 超合金Z cho-gokin Z)


Mazinger Z and Shin MazingerEdit


Aphrodai A using her Oppai missles in Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z-Hen

Oppai Missle System: Aphrodite is armed with missiles on her chest, posing as breasts. At first she could only fire two of them, but then is modified to fire successive sets. Sayaka asks many times to have her robot improved even more, but her requests are always dismissed.

Mazinger AngelsEdit


Aphrodai A Toy (Mazinger Angels Verison) with her Mazinger Sword

Iron Cutter Missles:Two missiles with large cutting blades sticking out vertically.

Megaton Hammer:Two iron balls that come out with chains from her chest.

Mazinger Sword: A metal blade with a golden handle with a heart design inside of it and wings.



Aphrodai A Mazinger Angels Version

Besides the manga and anime versions, Aphrodite was featured in the first Mazinkaiser OVAs, with a design that closely resembled her looks in the classic manga version, especially the shape and size of her large head and the colouring scheme, based on darker colours.

In this version, she is captured by Dr. Hell's mechanical beasts and dismembered, putting Sayaka's life in danger as a way to force Koji to abandon Mazinger Z. After this the robot is so heavily damaged that she is replaced by a modified version of Venus A.

She is also included in the Mazinger Angels manga, which focuses on the four classic Mazinger ladies as protagonists, showing an updated design and way more powerful weapons and more resistance to attacks. This version is closely related to the Soul of Chogokin model line.

Aphrodite A, along with Sayaka, are also featured in the 2009 TV series Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen.